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Lord Howe Island 🌴A small local clothing store, grown out of a passion for the ocean, island life, history and the importance of family.


Our Story

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The story of Abemama


Lord Howe Island has a strong and significant connection to Abemama Atoll in the Gilbert Islands.

Abemama Atoll was the origin point of a journey undertaken by three island girls, one of which, an island princess had been betrothed to a much older man. The penalty for not going through with the arranged marriage was to be set to sea in a canoe and have their fate left in the hands of God.

As it happened, the girls Boranga, Bogaroo and Bogue (prounounced Bockoo) were plucked from the ocean by sailors aboard the American whaling ship, Barque Belle. One of the sailors, Nathan Chase Thompson, decided to “jump ship” as they passed Lord Howe Island and settled onshore with the three girls from Abemama in 1853.

Bogaroo remained single until her death in 1880. Nathan married Boranga and they had a son, Hugh who subsequently died in 1864. Boranga then also passed away shortly after.

Nathan then married Bogue and they went on to have 6 children, five of whom survived. Many Lord Howe Island families relate back to this union.

Michael John Thompson (affectionately known as Humpty Mick) and his wife Debbie had two children, Jasmine Thompson and Blake Thompson who are fifth generation islanders. The establishment of “Abemama” is their tribute to Lord Howe Island’s heritage and lifestyle.